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About us

We are Digitalize Global LLC, a company originally founded in the US state of Wyoming - a place known for its residents with a thirst for freedom and a deep-rooted sense of equality. Our goal is to help you realize your entrepreneurial freedom on an international scale.

We believe that everyone has the right and the freedom to earn a living doing what they love. Lay the foundation for a self-determined life by setting up a company!


As a specialized provider, we enable non-US citizens to become self-employed and establish an LLC.

Service highlights:

  • Fast and uncomplicated LLC formation for foreigners
  • Competent advice from experienced experts
  • Installment model for start-up costs
  • Possibility of payment in cryptocurrencies

The option to pay in installments and the fact that cryptocurrencies are also accepted make this offer very low-threshold and flexible.

Always available for our customers

Digitalize Global is known for its customer-friendly service and is your personal partner before, during and after the foundation of your company. Unlike many of our competitors, who often leave their customers to fend for themselves once they have set up their business, we support you in all challenges and offer free consultations. We are convinced that international business and mobility should be accessible to all.

Clear and structured pricing policy

You won't find any unaffordable consulting offers or hidden costs with us. All our offers are transparent and fixed-price. Our unique selling point compared to our competitors is the flexible installment payment options we offer our customers.

Priority data protection

With the highest level of data protection and care for your security, we take care of everything to do with the registration, administration and implementation of your company abroad so that you don't have to worry about a thing. Your discretion is always guaranteed with us. Our company never sends out reports to non-involved structures.

We have extensive experience

As experts in setting up companies in the USA and Europe, we support you in creating location-independent workplaces and offer a wide range of professional services.

From setting up your company to providing the necessary infrastructure such as online tax software, automation software, CRM solutions and e-commerce solutions on private servers with high-end security systems, we take care of everything.

We also support you with legal issues and offer comprehensive advice so that you can concentrate fully on your core business.

Digitalize Global LLC from Wyoming

Freedom through independence

Independence from place and country is crucial for the peace of mind and freedom that every creative mind needs to contribute to innovation in this world. In the midst of an increasingly unstable political situation, digitalization on a global scale is what modern society needs most. The time for freedom is now!

Digitalize Global strongly at your side

Strong at your side

Building and managing a business without a strong partner can be a huge challenge. Often a promising business idea remains just an idea, as tackling all the tasks alone seems overwhelming. But with us as your reliable partner by your side, the realization of your vision becomes within reach. We are here to take the pressure off you at every stage of setting up and running your business. Even as a sole trader, you can now operate with the ease of multiple business partners. Let us shape your path to success together.