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Enterprise services for entrepreneurs


We support you in the strategic expansion of your business into new markets, in the establishment of branches and holding companies for expansion into previously unreached regions.


Protecting your trademark through patents and trademark applications in the USA and internationally is a complex and time-consuming process. From the search to the involvement of specialized attorneys to the professional preparation of all documents such as illustrations.

Customized solutions


Tailor-made company foundation on 2 continents

We offer formation, administration, accounting, bookkeeping and optimization of all processes. We will create an individual offer for you that perfectly suits your project - from one company with a branch office to several companies and holding structures on two continents. Ask us about it!

Special software

Anonymous CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Anonymous CRM (Customer Relationship Management) enables companies to maintain customer relationships without storing customers' personal data. In a private cloud network, this protects customer privacy and meets data protection requirements, while still allowing customized services and marketing strategies to be offered.

Customized e-commerce solutions

Our experienced team provides you with customized e-commerce solutions with POS (Point of Sale) on a secure cloud network. This ensures complete data protection and hacker security, allowing you to sell seamlessly online and offline and manage your business efficiently.

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