Digitalize Global

Actionable feedback policy from Digitalize Global

At Digitalize Global, we attach great importance to open feedback management. We welcome all constructive criticism, suggestions and feedback from customers, partners and the public. This is the only way we can continuously improve and optimize our products and services.

Feedback channels

You can send us your feedback via the following channels:

  • Online form on our website
  • By e-mail to [email protected]
  • By telephone at: +1 406 943 4473
  • By letter to:
    Diitalize Global, LLC.
    30 N Gould St Ste R

Responsibilities and process

All incoming feedback is received by our Customer Feedback Team and reviewed promptly. Depending on their urgency and importance, they are prioritized and forwarded to the relevant departments for processing. Our aim is to achieve the following response times:

  • Critical cases: Within 24 hours
  • Normal cases: Within 3 working days
  • General suggestions: Within 7 working days

Confidentiality and data protection

All personal data and confidential information in feedbacks are treated confidentially in accordance with applicable data protection regulations. Compliance with the GDPR is a matter of course for us.

Continuous improvement

All feedback is carefully analyzed and incorporated into our product and service development. Regular evaluations enable us to identify optimization potential and continuously improve our services.

Openness and transparency

We at Digitalize Global are open to all constructive criticism. We seriously consider all suggestions. A transparent error culture is important to us in order to learn from mistakes.

Examples of actionable feedback

  • Suggestions for improvements to product functions or UX
  • Criticism of service processes or customer care
  • Suggestions for new products or services
  • Indications of security gaps or errors
  • Feedback on marketing and public relations

We welcome your feedback and use it to make targeted improvements. This is the only way we can grow together and optimize our services for you. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time!