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Nevada - The tax advantage for foreign LLC formations

Nevada - The tax advantage for foreign LLC formations


For entrepreneurs who want to Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the United States, Nevada is often an attractive location. The state offers a number of advantages that make it attractive to foreign investors. In this article, we will provide a detailed analysis of the strengths and potential weaknesses of forming an LLC in Nevada and evaluate whether Nevada is the best choice for international entrepreneurs.

Tax advantages

Nevada is known for its business-friendly tax policy. The state levies neither income tax nor corporation tax on LLCs. Instead, only a small annual Franchise fees of approx. $500. This makes Nevada one of the most tax-efficient locations for business start-ups in the USA.

Anonymity and data protection

Nevada offers members of LLCs a high degree of Anonymity and discretion. Compared to other countries, significantly less personal information has to be disclosed during the formation process.

Nevada offers similar to Wyoming relative anonymity for certain business structures such as Limited Liability Companies (LLCs). In Nevada, information about the beneficial owners of LLCs is not publicly available, which means that the actual owners do not appear in state records. Instead, a "registered agent" may be appointed to act as the contact person for the company and whose name appears in the state's public records. This practice allows owners to protect their identity.

Simple administration

The regulatory requirements for LLCs in Nevada are comparatively low. For example, no annual shareholders' meetings need to be held. This simplifies the ongoing administration of the company.

Legal protection

Nevada offers LLCs strong creditor protection. The personal liability of the partners is limited to their contribution, which reduces the entrepreneurial risk.

Infrastructure and services

The state of Nevada has a well-developed infrastructure and an established ecosystem of specialized service providers such as attorneys, accountants and registration agents who can assist foreign entrepreneurs.

Potential disadvantages

Limited range

An LLC registered in Nevada may have difficulty contracting or opening bank accounts outside the state.

Legal uncertainty

Compared to Delaware the legal system in Nevada is considered by some to be less stable and predictable.

Less reputation

Nevada does not enjoy quite the same reputation and acceptance as other established LLC locations such as Delaware.

Comparison table

Comparison table: Start-up prices, running costs and ancillary services in tax-free US states (prices in USD)

Cost comparison in (USD) Chart

Here are the standard fees that normally apply. Special cases and additional services are not listed


With its tax advantages, low regulation and high level of discretion, Nevada undoubtedly offers attractive conditions for foreign LLC formations. For entrepreneurs with a strong focus on tax-saving models, Nevada can therefore be a worthwhile option. However, potential disadvantages such as limited reach and somewhat less legal certainty should also be considered. Ultimately, the best choice depends on the individual company profile and the investor's priorities.

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