Digitalize Global

Certificates and feedback after completion

Details of the certificates and feedback you will receive after successfully completing your online internship at Digitalize Global:

At Digitalize Global, it is very important to us that you not only gain valuable practical experience, but that this is also documented and provided with feedback. Therefore, you will receive various certificates and attestations from us after your internship.

Qualification certificates

We will issue you with qualification certificates for the various areas in which you worked during your internship. For example, you will receive certificates for project management methods, programming languages, design tools or the use of AI systems and data analysis. These internal certificates serve as proof of the skills you have acquired.

Internship certificate

Of course, a detailed internship certificate is also part of the documents you will receive from us. This will describe and evaluate your main areas of activity, skills and performance in detail.

Work record with list of hours

For your records and further career planning, you will also receive an official work record with a detailed list of the duration and scope of your internship.

Personal feedback

Last but not least, a comprehensive personal feedback session is also included at the end. Your supervisor will discuss your strengths and areas for development in detail. This will give you valuable tips for your future career.

With these certificates, evidence and well-founded feedback, you can make the best possible use of the experience from your internship with us for the next steps in your career.