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General conditions and benefits for online internships

General conditions and services

As an internship provider at Digitalize Global, we attach great importance to the best possible conditions for a successful online internship. Right from the start, we ensure that all the prerequisites for smooth digital collaboration are in place.

Hardware and software

You should be aware that some software requires more power than normal PC operation. Please ensure that your computer or laptop has at least 8 GB of RAM. We strongly advise against working with a smartphone, as a smartphone is only suitable for end users and is in no way portable as a developer device.

Of course, we provide our interns with the necessary software, licenses, accounts and APIs free of charge for the duration of the internship.

Training courses

Before you get started, you will receive comprehensive training on the technologies used, working methods and project management processes. You can also ask your supervisor questions and request suggestions for solutions at any time while you are working independently.

Agreed times and punctuality

Interns agree individual online working hours with their supervisor. The intern is expected to be online and available at these times. If the intern is not present online at the agreed times three times in a row, their internship will be canceled and all accounts blocked.

Documents and documentation

Before the online internship starts, interns should send us the required documents (such as agreements, time sheets, etc.) from their school or university. If no documents are provided by the educational institution, we will provide our own internship contract. The practical hours to be completed will be agreed in a personal meeting and recorded in the contract.

After completing the internship, participants receive a comprehensive evaluation from us, including a time sheet, work record and a certificate with a recommendation. This certificate attests to the skills and knowledge acquired during the internship and can be attached to the application documents for the further career path.

These clear agreements at the beginning and detailed documentation at the end ensure a high level of commitment and transparency. The interns always know where they stand and what is expected of them. At the same time, they receive valuable evidence of their performance and experience for their professional career.

Personal support

Throughout your internship, you will receive individual support from experienced employees. Regular individual coaching sessions, feedback rounds and participation in team meetings are all part of the program.

Financial support

If agreed, you will receive appropriate financial compensation for services from which our company benefits. Your supervisor will determine whether our company benefits from your performance. If the internship runs smoothly, you will be rewarded by us. Good performance can, for example, be rewarded with a high-quality web hosting account and a domain. It is at our discretion what constitutes good performance, as creative performance cannot be assessed in advance.

At Digitalize Global, we are very aware of our responsibility as an internship provider. Our goal is to offer you a first-class online internship at the highest level and to prepare you in the best possible way for your future career path.