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Requirements for home office internship

Requirements for home office internship

In order to be able to complete our online internship from home in the best possible way, a few basic technical and personal requirements should be met:

Stable Internet connection

A reliable and powerful internet connection with sufficient bandwidth is the basis for smooth working in the home office. Video calls, data transfers and access to cloud systems require a relatively fast connection.

Quiet workplace

A separate, quiet working area is a great advantage for concentrated and efficient work. This should be as free as possible from distractions caused by roommates, household chores or noise.

Self-discipline and time management

As you enjoy more independence when working from home, self-discipline, motivation and good time management are particularly important. Plan fixed work blocks and stick to them.

Strong communication skills

Working together in a virtual environment requires good communication and presentation skills. Don't be afraid to actively approach your supervisor if you have any questions or problems.

Basic technical understanding

A certain basic technical understanding is an advantage when using tools such as GPT, Word, G-Suite or video conferencing software. You will learn more complex programs in the introductory training courses.

If you meet these requirements, there are no longer any obstacles to your successful online internship in the home office. At Digitalize Global, we prepare you optimally for the realities of tomorrow's mobile working world.