Digitalize Global

Support and mentoring program for online interns at Digitalize Global

Support and mentoring program

A key success factor for a high-quality online internship is continuous, individual support and encouragement for interns. For this reason, we have implemented a structured support and mentoring programme at Digitalize Global.

Personal contact person

Right from the start, each intern is assigned a personal mentor from our experienced team of employees. This mentor is the direct point of contact for all technical and organizational questions and concerns throughout the internship.

Introduction and onboarding

During the introductory phase, interns receive a comprehensive introduction to the technologies, working methods and project management processes used by their supervisor. In addition, goals, expectations and the further course of the internship are clearly defined.

Regular meetings

The mentors regularly discuss the progress of their work with their mentees, answer questions and provide valuable feedback. New tasks and projects for the internship work are also continually assigned at these meetings.

Direct instruction and eLearning

Depending on their needs, interns receive additional, tailored online training and coaching from their supervisors. This is supplemented by our extensive range of eLearning courses on many subject areas.

Personal development

In addition to building professional skills, the focus is on individual personal development. The mentors work specifically on strengthening soft skills such as communication skills, teamwork and self-management.

Through this intensive support on many levels, we ensure that our interns receive the best possible encouragement and support at all times. A close exchange with experienced experts prepares them optimally for their future career.