Digitalize Global

Ownership and financing information from Digitalize Global


Transparency is very important to us at Digitalize Global. Therefore, we would like to give you an insight into our corporate structure: Digitalize Global is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) that was founded in Sheridan, Wyoming (USA) in 2024.

Digitalize Global is a privately owned company founded by experts in the field of business creation and consulting. The owners have extensive experience and networks in various international markets.

Corporate structure

Digitalize Global is organized as an LLC, a legal form with a flexible shareholder structure and advantageous taxation in the USA. The operational management lies with the founders as Managing Members.

Financing structure

Our financing is provided by private investors and equity from the founders. This enables us to respond independently and flexibly to the needs of our customers, while at the same time striving for sustainable growth and financial stability.

Future prospects and growth plans

Digitalize Global is currently in a dynamic growth phase. We are planning to expand into further markets in Europe and Asia in the coming years. We want to significantly increase our market share by expanding our product portfolio and sales.