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Anonymous company formation in Wyoming All-Incl.

In Wyoming, certain business structures such as Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) provide relative anonymity. In Wyoming, information about the beneficial owners of LLCs is not publicly available, which means that the actual owners do not appear in state records. Instead, a "registered agent" may be appointed to act as a point of contact for the company and whose name appears in the state's public records. This practice allows owners to protect their identity. However, it is important to note that anonymity is not absolute and that it can be removed in certain circumstances, particularly in the case of legal requirements or court proceedings.

The start-up package includes:

The package contains everything included in the standard package, plus the following add-ons:

  • Anonymous Registration of your company using the name, first name and address of the Registered Agent.
  • Your personal data will not appear in any public internet registers or government documents.
  • Your private data is only accessible to state authorities if this is necessary in the context of a procedure.
  • Your private data will be used exclusively by the Registered Agent service provider that guarantees the highest level of confidentiality and discretion


An anonymous company formation in Wyoming

Anonymous incorporation in Wyoming allows the owners and officers of a company to keep their identity confidential. This is accomplished through the use of nominee directors and shareholders as well as the minimal disclosure requirements of the state of Wyoming. Wyoming offers attractive corporate laws and tax advantages.

Description and definition:

  • Anonymity: Use of nominee directors and shareholders to protect the identity of the true owners.
  • Data protection: No obligation to disclose the identity of the owner in public records.
  • Tax advantages: No state corporation tax, trade tax.
  • Corporate laws: Favorable and flexible corporate laws that ensure a high level of protection for management and owners.


All-inclusive on autopilot!

The foundation also includes, among other things:

  • Checking the availability of the company name
  • The assignment of a registered agent and a business address (registered agent)
  • Completing and submitting the application for incorporation
  • Payment of the Secretary of State's fees
  • Create and submit articles of association
  • Applying for business licenses and permits
  • Applying for an Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Opening a business account

The 12-month support includes:

  • Registered Agent Service and a business address
  • Ongoing support for your company and bureaucracy protection
  • Unique membership card in a practical credit card format
  • 20 % discount on all our services offered on our website.
  • Consultation (25 minutes per week) with an expert in sales marketing.
  • Consultation (25 minutes per week) with an expert in visual communication, e-commerce and SEO.
  • Consultation (25 minutes per week) with an expert in business start-up and management.
  • Annual report to the IRS

Anonymous on autopilot


An all-inclusive package for an anonymous company formation on autopilot includes the following services:

Start-up service
  • Provision of a business address.
  • Preparation and filing of the formation documents for an LLC or Corporation.
  • Payment of all government fees and registration costs.
  • Provision of nominee directors and shareholders.
  • Use of a registered agent to protect the owner's identity.
  • Receipt and forwarding of mail and official communications by e-mail.
  • Access to legal advice and support in complying with legal regulations.
  • Assistance with the preparation and review of contracts and legal documents.
  • Applying for an Employer Identification Number (EIN).
  • Support with opening bank accounts.
  • Compliance with annual reporting obligations and renewals.
  • Applying for business licenses and permits.
  • Daily mail digitization and forwarding to e-mail address.
  • Online access to important documents.
  • Establishment of secure communication channels.
  • IT support and security consulting.

One-off payment

Price: $1,387

This total amount covers all costs. There are no additional fees. Includes $100 of the Secretary of State fee

Four installment payments

Price: $399

Payable quarterly.

The installment payment covers all costs, including the Secretary of State fee of $100, no other fees apply.


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The anonymization

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