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Company formation (LTD) in Ireland without office address and secretary

Incorporation of an Irish Ltd.

Flexible payment options

Start your business with minimal financial outlay. Choose between a one-off payment or flexible installments to benefit immediately from our start-up package and customer card.

One-off payment*


Pay once and cover all costs. No further fees.

Mini package

Includes set-up fee and support for 12 months.

One-off payment

Two installment payments

$399 per installment

Payable semi-annually.

Mini package

Plus a one-off set-up fee of $49.

2 installments

Four installment payments

$199 per installment

Payable quarterly.

Mini package

Plus a one-off set-up fee of $49.

4 installments

Twelve installment payments

$69 per installment

Payable monthly.

Mini package

Plus a one-off set-up fee of $49.

12 installments

* The total amount stated in our offers covers the establishment of your company with your your own Registered Office address and your Company Secretary or a second director and applies to both one-off and flexible installment payments. Customers who have ordered this package will also receive a customer card. Holders of a customer card receive an additional 20% discount on this package.

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Registration of your Ltd. company in Ireland within 14 days,

Our services guarantee the highest level of data protection and absolute discretion when setting up your Limited (LTD) in Dublin. This package includes only the foundation of your company, without additional services such as Company Secretary and Registered Office, for customers who do not require these services and/or wish to obtain them elsewhere. You also receive free mentoring and support with all questions relating to the start-up. Benefit from a worry-free start-up in Ireland and choose from flexible payment options. As a bonus, you will receive a founder card/customer card that gives you a 20% discount on all other offers on our site.

Incorporate a Limited Company (Ltd.) in Ireland without additional services!

The start-up package includes:

  • Checking the availability of the company name
  • Completing and submitting the application for incorporation
  • Payment of state fees
  • Create and submit articles of association
  • Applying for business licenses and permits (optional)
  • Applying for an EU VAT number (VAT ID number)
  • Opening a business account

The 12-month support includes:

Basic services:

  • Ongoing support for your company and bureaucracy protection
  • Unique membership card in a practical credit card format
  • 20 % discount on all our services offered on our website.
  • Consultation (25 minutes per week) with an expert in sales marketing.
  • Consultation (25 minutes per week) with an expert in visual communication, e-commerce and SEO.
  • Consultation (25 minutes per week) with an expert for Company foundation and management.


After the order

After ordering, you will receive your personal access to the customer area, where you can conveniently enter your identification documents and other details about your company using special forms, such as a copy of your ID, the desired name of your company, sector, etc. In the customer area, you can also view and download your invoices and manage customer payments/membership fees. There you have an overview of your orders.

We are in contact

Of course, we will also contact you by telephone if we have any questions or if any data is incomplete. We will inform you immediately. You will also have us at your side as a strong partner throughout your membership and will not have to worry about your company. Concentrate on your core business and we will take care of the bureaucracy and formalities!

After completing the registration

What you will receive as soon as registration is complete:

  • Certificate of incorporation
  • EU VAT number (VAT ID number)

By default, all documents are uploaded in PDF form in your customer area and also sent to your e-mail address. On request and for an additional shipping fee, we will also be happy to send you the documents by FedEx Express.

A unique customer card in a practical credit card format made of robust plastic is included with every billing interval!

The customer card is not only attractive, but also contains your personal customer number, which guarantees you a 20% discount on all services available on our site (excluding government fees) for the duration of the service package. Your customer card will be dispatched within 3 working days of your order.

Discreet and legally compliant foundation.


Simple company formation in Ireland, Dublin directly with the CRO - discreet and with a satisfaction guarantee.