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Registration of a trade name in the USA - All Incl.

Instead of setting up an additional company, companies can register an additional name that belongs to the existing company. This name can be used as a separate company name for projects that do not quite match the main name. After registration, the (R), ® must NOT be used next to the name. Only TM/SM may be used after a brand name registration.

 For ®-symbol, the trademark must be registered. See FAQ

Registration of a trade name™ ℠ - Services included

Our trade name registration service in the US states offers companies the opportunity to register an additional company or trade name. A registered additional Trade Name enables companies to represent their various lines of business or brands in a targeted and professional manner. This is particularly important for the protection and legal safeguarding of the name.

We handle the entire process, from document preparation and filing to payment of fees to the Secretary of State Office. Customers can set the desired state after payment in the customer area or send us a message.

Doing Business As (DBA) - scope of services:

Registration of Trade Name in US states

Our service for registering a trade name in the USA includes everything necessary: We fill out the required documents, send them in and pay the fees to the Secretary of State's Office.

What is the purpose of registering a trade name?

  • Additional company name: The trade name can be used as an additional company name to represent different lines of business or brands.
  • Legal protection: Protects the trade name from being used by other companies in the same state.
  • Professional appearance: Enables more professional and targeted marketing.

Role for the customer:

  • Brand protection: The registered trade name helps to protect the company's brand and reputation.
  • Flexibility: Companies can operate under different names in order to address different markets.
  • Simple processing: We take care of the entire registration process so that customers can concentrate on their core business.

Customers can set the desired state after payment in the customer area or send us a message.

Frequently asked questions about trade names and brands

What is the difference between a trade name registration and a trademark registration?

A trademark registration is done at the state level and only allows a company to legally operate under that name within that state. A trademark registration, on the other hand, is applied for at the federal level and grants the owner exclusive rights to use that trademark throughout the country.

Some states require all businesses operating under a name other than the legal name of the owners to register a trade name. In other states, this is only required for certain business structures such as corporations and LLCs.

Trademark registrations are typically valid for a limited period of 1-5 years and must be renewed periodically by paying a renewal fee.

The application fees at the USPTO are between 250$ and 750$ per class of goods, depending on the application form used. In addition, attorney, search and design fees totaling approximately 1,000$ to 3,000$ may apply. Renewal fees are incurred between the 5th-6th and 9th-10th year and every 10 years.

No, the use of the ® symbol is only permitted for trademarks that are registered with the USPTO. After a brand name registration, you may only use the symbols ™ for trademarks and ℠ for service marks.

DBA - Trade Name

This name can be used as a separate company name for projects that do not quite match the main name.

Price: $199

One-off payment

This total amount covers all costs. There are no further fees. Includes the state secretary fee.

Once we have received your order, we will contact you to discuss further details.
You will also find a form in your customer area where you can enter your details.

Trade Name Registration

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