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Protect yourself from total financial surveillance: set up a US LLC

Protect yourself from total financial surveillance: set up a US LLC


Increasing financial surveillance affects not only criminals, but also innocent people. Citizenswho, for private reasons Cash to their own account or transfer money abroad to family and friends. Even with small amounts, there is a risk of becoming suspicious and being targeted by the authorities.

How monitoring works

Imagine you pay a large amount into your account or transfer money to relatives in another EU country. Your bank's automatic money laundering system (Money Laundering Act) immediately kicks in and creates an automatic suspicious activity report, which is forwarded directly to the authorities - without your knowledge. Suddenly you are under general suspicion of money laundering or tax evasion, even though you have done nothing wrong.

The problem with the banks

Banks are legally obliged to report every suspicious transaction, otherwise they face high fines. To avoid any risk, they prefer to report too much rather than too little - even for harmless private transfers. The worst thing about this is that you, the customer, don't find out about it and can't even justify it.

What the Money Laundering Act says

The Money Laundering Act (GwG) stipulates the exact amounts above which banks must report - and these are often smaller sums starting at 1,000 euros. This can quickly become a problem for innocent citizens who move money for private reasons. This is because the law also prohibits banks from informing their customers about the report.

The dramatic consequences of a financial investigation

If the tax office takes action based on a suspicious activity report, this can have dramatic consequences. Imagine your doorbell ringing early in the morning. You open it unsuspectingly, but instead of the expected cleaner, tax investigators are suddenly standing in front of you. They present you with a search warrant and immediately start to turn your house, apartment and business premises upside down. All your electronic devices - PCs, tablets, smartphones - are confiscated and taken away. Your bank accounts are frozen and you no longer have access to your money. In the worst case, you could even be remanded in custody. And all because you made a harmless private transfer. The financial and personal consequences of such a financial investigation can be devastating.

What you can do about it

To protect yourself from this arbitrary Monitoring and avoid falling foul of the authorities, there is a solution: setting up a US LLC. This allows you to create a safe haven for your private finances without arousing suspicion.

Establish a US LLC as a protective shield

One Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the USA offers you the perfect protection against financial surveillance - even for private transactions. As the USA does not participate in the automatic Exchange of information your finances are safe from the German authorities. With a US bank account linked to your LLC, you can move money legally and discreetly without arousing suspicion.

US bank account as protection for private individuals

The great thing about it is that you don't necessarily have to be self-employed or want to set up a company to benefit from this protection.

You can also open a US bank account as a private individual by setting up an LLC - even if you don't otherwise need one. This is because you can only open a US bank account that is protected from access by the authorities in conjunction with an LLC.

An LLC remains tax-free for non-US citizens and is not subject to corporation or trade tax. This protects your private transactions from access by the authorities and preserves your financial privacy.


In times of total financial surveillance, it is more important than ever for innocent citizens to protect themselves. Establishing a US LLC and opening a linked US bank account offers you a safe haven for your private finances - legally and discreetly. Take advantage of this opportunity to protect yourself from arbitrary surveillance and general suspicion and to preserve your financial privacy.

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