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Supporting local businesses: an appeal for freedom and economic diversity

Supporting local businesses: an appeal for freedom and economic diversity

Companies as pillars of a free and diverse society

In a world that is increasingly dominated by large corporations, small and local businesses are often overshadowed. Yet it is precisely these companies that are the pillars of a free and diverse society. Not only do they offer unique products and services, but they also contribute significantly to economic stability and cultural diversity. This article highlights the importance of supporting small and local businesses and explains why their higher costs are an investment in the future of our society.

The importance of local and small businesses

Strengthening the local economy

Local companies are the backbone of our communities. They create jobs, promote the regional economy and contribute to the quality of life. By buying from local suppliers, money stays in the region and supports other local services and infrastructure.

Promoting competition and innovation

Small companies are often pioneers when it comes to innovation. Away from the mass production of large corporations, they develop unique and often high-quality products. They are flexible and can react quickly to changes in the market, which stimulates competition and promotes innovation.

Preserving cultural diversity

Small businesses contribute to the cultural identity of our towns and communities. They offer unique products and services that are often locally inspired and reflect a piece of home. This fosters a strong sense of community and preserves cultural diversity.

The challenges of small businesses

Higher operating costs

Small companies often have higher operating costs than large corporations. They pay more for rent, labor and purchasing because they cannot benefit from economies of scale. These higher costs are often reflected in prices, making them seemingly less competitive.

Less bargaining power

Due to their size and market power, large corporations have better negotiating opportunities with suppliers and can negotiate more favorable conditions. Small companies, on the other hand, have less influence and often have to pay higher prices, which reduces their margins.

Bureaucratic hurdles

Small companies face numerous bureaucratic challenges. From complex tax regulations to time-consuming approval procedures - the administrative burden is often a major hurdle. Political support is needed here to ease the burden on these companies.

Why higher prices are justified

Quality and uniqueness

The products and services of small businesses are often characterized by higher quality and individuality. The handcrafted production and personal support justify higher prices and offer the customer real added value.

Local value creation

By buying from local suppliers, the money stays in the region and supports the local economy. This creates and secures local jobs and contributes to the economic stability of the community.


Small businesses often rely on sustainable practices and local resources. This reduces the ecological footprint and promotes an environmentally friendly economy. The higher prices often reflect the real costs that are masked by externalities in large corporations.

The danger of monopolization

Concentration of power among large corporations

Due to their size and market power, large corporations are able to dictate prices and dominate the market. This leads to a concentration of power that restricts diversity and competition.

Less choice for consumers

As the market power of large corporations increases, consumer choice is dwindling. Products become more homogeneous and competition for quality and innovation decreases. In the long term, this can lead to higher prices and lower product quality.

Social and economic dependence

The more power and influence large corporations gain, the more local and small businesses are squeezed out. This leads to social and economic dependence on a few large companies that can dictate the conditions.

The value of independence

Self-determination through entrepreneurship

Small entrepreneurs are in control of their own work and destiny. They determine the products, services and values of their business. This entrepreneurial freedom is a valuable asset in a world of conformity.

Promotion of a pluralistic economic order

Small entrepreneurs embody more than just professional independence. They are the guardians of competition and a pluralistic economic order. Their existence prevents monopolies and concentrations of power. They ensure balance, diversity and equal opportunities in the market.

Creativity and innovation

Small entrepreneurs promote creativity and innovation. Away from the mainstream products of large corporations, they invent new niche products, set trends and give the economy a breath of fresh air. Their ideas are the fuel for economic progress.

Supporting small businesses: A practical guide

Conscious shopping

Conscious purchasing from local and small businesses makes a significant contribution to supporting them. Find out about local suppliers and choose their products and services.

Build networks

Local networks and communities can strengthen small businesses. By sharing information and cooperating, resources can be used efficiently and visibility can be increased.

Demanding political support

Advocate for political measures that support small businesses. This can be done by calling for a reduction in bureaucracy, tax relief and support programs.

Create awareness

Raise awareness in your community of the importance of small businesses. Share information and draw attention to the advantages and necessity of supporting these companies.


Why are products and services from small companies more expensive?

Small businesses often have higher operating costs as they cannot benefit from economies of scale. They pay more for rent, labor and purchasing. These higher costs are reflected in the prices.

What are the advantages of buying from local businesses?

Purchasing from local businesses strengthens the regional economy, creates local jobs and promotes cultural diversity. In addition, the money stays in the region and supports other local services and infrastructure.

How do small companies promote innovation and competition?

Small companies are flexible and can react quickly to changes in the market. They develop unique and often high-quality products that stimulate competition and promote innovation.

What are the long-term risks of the dominance of large corporations?

The dominance of large corporations leads to a concentration of power and market dominance, which restricts diversity and competition. In the long term, this can lead to higher prices, lower product quality and social and economic dependency.

How can I practically support small and local businesses?

Conscious purchasing, building local networks, calling for political support and creating awareness in your community are practical ways to support small and local businesses.

Why is it important for society to support small businesses?

Supporting small businesses promotes a diverse and free society. It strengthens the economic self-determination of the individual and prevents monopolization and concentration of power in the hands of a few large corporations.


Supporting small and local businesses is crucial for a free, diverse and economically stable society. Despite higher prices, these businesses offer unparalleled quality, support regional economies and preserve cultural diversity. By consciously choosing their products and services, we invest in the future of our communities and protect ourselves from the dominance of large corporations. Let us promote the economic self-determination and creativity of the individual - for a just and equitable society.

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