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The advantages of setting up a company in Ireland

The advantages of setting up a company in Ireland

The advantages of setting up a company in Ireland for German residents

German entrepreneurs looking for an attractive legal form and advantageous tax conditions for their business idea should consider setting up an Irish limited company. This Type of company offers German residents a number of advantages, which are explained in more detail below.

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Tax advantage: Low corporate taxes in Ireland

The Irish limited company offers tax advantages to directors who are resident in the EU. The Corporation Tax (Corporate income tax) in Ireland is only 12.5%, one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the EU. This favorable tax applies to the profits of the Irish company.

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Example: Imagine your company in Ireland makes a profit of 100,000 euros. With a corporation tax of 12.5%, only 12,500 euros would be due in tax.

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Legal protection: Limited liability of the directors

An Irish limited company offers a high degree of legal protection as a separate legal entity. Directors' liability is limited and their personal assets are protected from creditors' claims against the company.

Example: If your Irish limited company gets into financial difficulties and creditors make claims, you as a director are not liable with your personal assets. Your liability is limited to the capital you have invested in the company.


In summary, it can be said that setting up an Irish limited company is a lucrative option for German residents. Ireland, as a member of the EU, offers a reputable and attractive business environment with its low corporation tax and access to the European market. The Irish Ltd. also offers limited liabilitywhich is an important legal protection. The European data protection standards that apply in Ireland also contribute to customer confidence. With the tax advantages and the Double taxation agreement between Germany and Ireland, an Irish limited company could be the right solution for your company.

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