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The advantages of founding a company in the USA in the event of financial difficulties in Germany

The advantages of founding a company in the USA in the event of financial difficulties in Germany


Entrepreneurial Activities offer a variety of advantages, but financial difficulties such as debt or account freezes can make it considerably more difficult to start or continue a business. In such cases, the USA can be a particularly attractive alternative. This article sheds light on how and why the USA is particularly advantageous for entrepreneurs in financial need.

Financial challenges in Germany

In Germany debt or the establishment of a seizure protection account (P-account) can severely restrict financial freedom of movement. Although a P-account makes it possible to protect a certain amount from seizure, access to larger sums and associated investments remains restricted. This is a significant obstacle for budding entrepreneurs, as they often need to access capital to start or expand their business.

Problems with setting up a company in Ireland

Ireland offers a number of advantages for company founders, particularly due to its friendly business environment and attractive tax rates. However, there is one major problem: Irish banks are part of the international data exchange, whereby information about bank accounts and financial transactions is passed on to Germany. This means that the German tax authorities are aware of the Accounts and transactions of an Irish company and can initiate measures such as account freezes or seizures. This makes entrepreneurial activity considerably more difficult and makes setting up in Ireland unattractive for indebted German entrepreneurs.

Setting up a company in the USA as a way out

Setting up a company in the USA is a practical solution for people in financial need. American banks and authorities are not obliged to pass on information about bank accounts or financial circumstances to Germany. This creates a certain Anonymity and enables indebted entrepreneurs to implement their business ideas without the hurdles of the German financial system.

The legal and practical aspects of incorporation in the USA

Setting up a company in the USA is attractive for several reasons. Firstly, many US states, such as Delaware and Nevadafavorable legal framework conditions for entrepreneurs. These states are characterized by simple start-up processes and low corporate taxes. Secondly, it is relatively easy to set up a US Limited Liability Company (LLC), which offers flexible legal protection.

Tax advantages and international business opportunities

Another major advantage of setting up a company in the USA is the tax incentives. The US offers a variety of tax benefits that allow entrepreneurs to minimize their tax burden. In addition, setting up a US company opens up international business opportunities that facilitate access to global markets and increase competitiveness.

Conclusion: seizing opportunities despite financial difficulties

Despite financial difficulties in Germany, starting a business in the USA offers remarkable advantages. The US is a particularly attractive option for indebted entrepreneurs who want to realize their business ideas without restrictions. With the right information and planning, these entrepreneurs can overcome their financial hurdles and successfully build a new business.

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