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The Registered Office for Irish companies - More than just an address

The Registered Office for Irish companies - More than just an address

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Word definition

A Registered Office is the official, legally required physical address at which a company is registered in Ireland is registered and accessible as a legal entity.

This is a real street address, pure P.O. Box addresses are not permitted.

Every company incorporated in Ireland is required by law to maintain a Registered Office, i.e. a registered business address. This Registered Office serves as the official legal domicile of the company and has a number of important functions.

The Registered Office is the place where all the company's important records and documents are kept and where official letters are delivered.


Most companies choose a provider that offers specialized virtual or physical office services related to the registered office. The scope of services can be very diverse:

Postal service

A core function is the professional receipt and forwarding of incoming mail for the company. The provider often also digitizes all letters and documents for easy digital transmission.

Telephone and reception service

Some Registered Office providers also offer a telephone service including a receptionist to answer calls. This further enhances the professional impression of the company.

Meeting rooms

In many registered offices, companies can also rent conference and meeting rooms for a fee in order to hold meetings on site.

Virtual office solutions

Especially for companies without a physical presence in Ireland, registered office providers offer "virtual offices". This includes, for example, temporary workstations and an address for postal correspondence.


The Registered Office therefore serves Irish companies as a central point of contact for official communication, but also as a reputational anchor with a fixed address. With the flexible service portfolio of the providers, it can be individually adapted to the size and needs of the respective company.

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