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What is limitation of liability and liability protection for a company?

What is limitation of liability and liability protection for a company?

What is limited liability, limited liability and liability protection?

The Limited Liability Company (LLC) and the Limited (Ltd) are widespread Corporate formswhich offer their owners comprehensive liability protection. But what exactly does this protection mean and what does it protect against? In this article, we look at the limitation of liability and the liability protection of an LLC and a Ltd in detail.

Limited liability to company assets

The core idea of limited liability is that the personal assets of the LLC and Ltd owners are protected against claims and liabilities of the company. Liability is limited to the amount that the owners have invested in the LLC or Ltd.

No access to private assets

Creditors, business partners or plaintiffs cannot access the private assets of LLC and Ltd owners as long as there are no serious violations of the law, fraud or gross misconduct. Private assets such as a house, car or savings remain protected.

Specific claims with liability protection

The liability protection of an LLC and a Ltd. extends to many specific claims and risks:

  • Business liabilities: Owners are not liable for debts, breaches of contract or financial obligations of the company.
  • Accidents/injuries: In the event of accidents or injuries in connection with business activities, the LLC or Ltd is liable, not the owners personally.
  • Claims for damages: Claims for damages due to products, services or actions of the company apply to the LLC or Ltd, not to private individuals.
  • Rental agreements: The legal entity of the LLC or Ltd is liable for rental payments and damage to rental properties, not the owners.
  • Supplier obligations: Invoices to suppliers are attributed to the LLC or Ltd, not to the owners personally.
  • Insolvency: In the event of insolvency, LLC and Ltd owners are not liable for the liabilities, but only for their share of the company.

Personal liability for misconduct

However, there are exceptions in which the personal liability of the owners may apply. In the event of fraud, illegal activities, gross negligence or the mixing of private and business assets, liability protection can be waived.

Cross-border recognition

In most cases, the limited liability of an LLC and a Ltd is also legally recognized in other countries. However, specialist legal advice is advisable for international business activities.


The limitation of liability and liability protection are key advantages of the LLC and Ltd legal forms. Owners are protected from most liabilities and claims against the company. As long as the LLC or Ltd is properly managed, the private assets of the shareholders remain unassailable.

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