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What is involved in forming an LLC non-domestic company in the USA in 2024 and what it costs

What does it cost to form an LLC company in the USA in 2024?

A non-domestic company in the USA in 2024

In this blog post, we look at all the important aspects that you need to know as a foreign founder in order to successfully start a non-domestic business in 2024. LLC (Limited Liability Company) in the USA to incorporate. We explain the typical registration and application fees as well as recurring taxes (Franchise Tax) with an overview of the most attractive federal states.

Revolutionary reasons for an LLC in the USA

You may hardly believe your eyes, but it's actually true... you can order an LLC company during your lunch break at your current job and set it up worry-free and without additional taxes and headaches on the side. Or have you been setting up or maintaining a German or other EU company for a long time and the costs are too high for you? Don't worry, the LLC is just as good, if not better. With an LLC in the USA, you pay as good as no taxesand even with an anonymous LLC, the annual costs are no higher than usual!

What is an LLC Non-Domestic Company?

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a type of company widely used in the USA. Type of companywhich combines the characteristics of a partnership and a corporation. Non-domestic" refers to an LLC that was originally formed in another state or even outside the USA (non-domestic, foreign).

Advantages of a US LLC for foreign founders

The most common reasons for setting up an American LLC are tax savings, establishing a business presence in the USA and limiting personal liability. Thanks to the simple structures and manageable bureaucracy, an LLC can be set up quickly and cost-effectively - even for founders from abroad.

Registration of a foreign LLC in the USA

In most cases, non-domestic LLCs must first apply for a "Registration" or "Certificate of Authority" in the respective state. This is subject to a one-time registration fee and annual registered agent fees (available for free in our incorporation packages). This step is necessary for the foreign LLC to be officially recognized and protected.

The most important choice: The founding location

The state in which the non-domestic LLC is registered has a major influence on taxes, fees and the general framework conditions. It is therefore worth comparing the most attractive locations such as Delaware, Wyoming, Nevada and New Mexico:


  • One-time registration fee approx. $185 (Registration $110 + first license $75)
  • Annual franchise tax from $300
  • Annual reporting fee $50


  • One-off registration fee $100 (Certificate of Authority)
  • From 2nd year annual reporting fee $52
  • Annual license tax min. $50


  • One-time registration fee $425 (Registration $75 + member list $150 + license $200)
  • Annual fees $350 (business license $200 + member list $150)

New Mexico

  • One-time registration fee $100 (Application for Registration)
  • Annual franchise tax $50

Comparison table and chart

What will it cost to form an LLC company in the USA in 2024?

Below is a breakdown of the costs of starting a business in the USA. 

The listing does not include specially notarized certificates and additional copies of documents relating to the registered company.

Chart (prices in USD)

Choosing the right place to incorporate depends more or less on individual preferences. Some states like Wyoming advertise low taxes and a business-friendly atmosphere, others like Delaware enjoy an excellent reputation as a "corporate home".

Step by step to a US LLC as a foreign founder

The steps for a successful start-up as a foreign entrepreneur can be summarized as follows:

  1. Checking the availability of the company name
  2. The assignment of a registered representative and a business address (Registered Agent)
  3. Submitting the application for incorporation
  4. Payment of the Secretary of State's fees
  5. Create and submit articles of association
  6. Applying for business licenses and permits (optional)
  7. Applying for an Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  8. Opening a business account

By fulfilling all formalities, the Limitation of liability effective and the LLC can officially launch on the international market.

Another cost factor

The Registered Agent Service

An often overlooked but important cost item when forming an LLC in the USA is the appointment of a "registered agent". This is a representative based in the respective state who receives official correspondence such as complaints or government mail on behalf of the company.

Hiring a registered agent is mandatory for LLCs in all US states. The fees for this service vary, but usually range between 50 and 300 dollars per year (depending on the provider and free of charge for our founder package customers).

The complete solution for your start-up project from "Digitalize Global"

At "Digitalize Global", we are experts in setting up companies in the USA, especially for foreign founders. With our all-round service for LLC formations, we take care of all the formalities for you, including organizing a registered agent and a business address. Enjoy a worry-free formation and benefit from flexible payment options. You can pay the total amount of our services not only once, but also monthly at a very favorable price.

For founders who do not have the total amount immediately to hand, we offer flexible monthly payment options as well as other payment options. We consider it a normal installment payment that allows you to start today with a small amount and immediately enjoy the benefits of our comprehensive start-up package.

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Disclaimer: Please note that the above dates, tax rates and regulations may change over time. Do not make any independent decisions without first consulting an expert for your individual situation. It is in your interest to always receive individual information from an experienced expert who knows your situation.

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