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Problematic draft laws, the abolition of property and the New World Order

Problematic draft laws, the abolition of property and the New World Order


For some time now, we have been looking with bewilderment at new arbitrary draft laws and legislative decisions for Germany and for the EU. For some years now, the EU and German politicians, as pioneers of the EU, have been adopting problematic draft laws and laws that violate democracy, the Basic Law and human rights.

For years, it remained unclear why propaganda in schools and universities, as well as state financial control and questionable tax policies, were making people's lives increasingly difficult. By these means, the majority of the population was gradually forced into temporary work and small mini-jobs as poorly paid day laborers. Instead of normal jobs with appreciative, appropriate pay, people are now receiving so-called "citizen's income", in some cases as a top-up. Many people are also forced into humiliating sham jobs, such as one-euro temporary jobs, job application courses and other so-called 'job center measures' - all this is intended to suggest to them that it is in any case due to their inadequacy that they have no decent livelihood, and without submissive submission to the state they would starve to death - this is exactly how people's self-respect is taken away and their backbones are broken.

Equally problematic are the arbitrary estimates of tax levies due in advance for companies, which often make it impossible to pay workers and employees appropriately.

This is being driven forward so that the Citizens become more and more dependent on the state so that they are defenceless without any property of their own. This should make it easier to exploit the masses of citizens for domestic and foreign policy games.

Let's first take a look at the new laws and draft laws that already apply to the whole of Europe, will soon apply or are to be tested in Germany first. We will also look at the real reasons for these laws and measures. We will also look at what is still to come for EU citizens and what the grand finale will be.

The evidence for the totalitarian world order:

1. the Act to Combat the Concealment of Assets

The draft law provides for assets with a value of EUR 100,000 or more to be classified as "suspicious" and confiscated without any criminal proceedings. This does not only affect real estate or Cash (cash ban), but also all assets such as securities accounts, jewelry, life insurance policies and company shareholdings. The criteria for suspicion are extremely vaguely formulated and open the door to arbitrary expropriations.
Everything is suspicious
For example, an asset is already considered suspicious if the authorities believe that your income and assets are not sufficient to be able to afford something specific. So if you have lived frugally for years and then treat yourself to a property or an expensive car from your savings, this could already be sufficient grounds for expropriation. Even if you place your assets in a foundation or abroad, you are automatically considered a suspect - regardless of whether you have done anything illegal or not.
Risk countries
It becomes particularly absurd if you live in a so-called "risk country" or do business there. Then you are fundamentally suspect and all your assets could be confiscated. These "risk countries" include not only countries such as Syria or Afghanistan, but also Panama, the Philippines or Dubai. Even if you have employees living in one of these countries, this can lead to all your assets being classified as suspicious. The criteria are so vague that practically anyone can come under suspicion - a nightmare for any citizen!
This makes it easy for the state to appropriate private savings etc. if they are needed for warfare, for example.

2. the Disinformation Control Act

According to passages from the strategy paper "Together for democracy and against extremism", Nancy Faeser wants to establish structures for the "early detection, analysis and defense against disinformation". Joint federal and state action plans as well as "close monitoring and moderation" of internet forums will serve this purpose.

Reichelt sees this as the creation of a censorship infrastructure and the abolition of freedom of opinion, as the state could use it to prevent unwelcome information and opinions from being published in advance. Although the whole thing operates under the guise of "combating disinformation", according to Reichelt it could affect all opinions that do not suit those in power.

Certain expressions of opinion that are still permitted within the current legal framework are already being suppressed by means of reprisals, such as the threat or actual loss of a job. This has affected various professors at universities, for example. The means of defaming dissenters is also used extensively.

However, the anti-disinformation law can be used to perfect the propagandistic synchronization even further.

3. the AMLA (Anti-Money Laundering Authority)

The AMLA is an attack on your fundamental right to informational self-determination and on your personal data.

On May 30, 2024, the EU decided to ban cash from 10,000 euros, which will come into force in 2027. In addition, a new super authority, the Anti-Money Laundering Authority (AMLA), will be set up in Frankfurt am Main. The AMLA is due to start work in 2024. The AMLA will act as the central EU authority and will have extensive powers to monitor compliance with the new regulations. It is supposed to ensure that measures to combat money laundering and terrorist financing are effectively enforced throughout the EU.

This strict Monitoring poses a significant threat to the fundamental right to informational self-determination and the protection of personal data, as sensitive information will be collected and stored. In other words, it is highly worrying that this authority will be empowered to store and analyze data on, for example, the specific financial circumstances and transactions of each individual EU citizen!

Nevertheless, there is a legal way to defend yourself against this surveillance and protect your own financial privacy: The foundation of a LLC in the USA in combination with a US bank account, without CRS / AIA.

4. the exit tax

What does "departure tax" mean - and how can the tax office find out about a departure or emigration from Germany?

When you leave Germany, you have to fill in a specific form on your last tax return. This form must contain information about your departure, e.g. whether you are moving to a low-tax country.

The tax office often contacts the person again one to two years after their departure and asks in detail about their whereabouts, tax situation, etc. Other possible sources of information for the tax office include proof of address from banks with a previous German address and tax audits of former customers in Germany,
Reports by former employees, Automatic exchange of information between tax authorities, etc. Extensive investigations such as entry checks are normally only carried out if criminal activities are suspected.

Nevertheless, you are practically advised to search for a legal solution for your own legitimate decisions with tax advisors and lawyers from the outset, which is laborious and costly, and to act transparently towards the tax office in order to avoid legal consequences.

The EU's new totalitarian orientation is primarily intended to improve its competitiveness and effectiveness against Russia and its allies. However, absolutely no attention is paid to the little citizen and their rights. The life of the individual is no longer worth anything. Also, for reasons of war propaganda, the enemy image of a new Soviet Union is to be created, similar to what existed during the Cold War. People are no longer even ashamed to publicly admit the desired propagandistic similarity to the Cold War.

5. the "Operations Plan Germany" (OPLAN DEU) of the German Armed Forces

Let us first look at the current statement regarding the Bundeswehr's operational plan for Germany:

  • Background and goal:
    Russia's attack on Ukraine in 2022, which violated international law, has shaken the European peace order. Germany must realign its defense and alliance capabilities in order to be more defensive and resilient against threats. The OPLAN DEU aims to protect Germany and its population and to defend its territorial integrity.
  • Origin and structure:
    Developed by experts from the Bundeswehr, in cooperation with the federal government, federal states, local authorities, blue light organizations and industry. The plan is a secret document and is continuously updated. It combines military and civilian support services in an operationally executable plan.
  • The tasks of the Bundeswehr:
    Main task: National and alliance defense - operational readiness to secure Germany and its population. The tasks range from homeland security to national territorial defense.
  • The role of the Territorial Command:
    Planning, command and coordination of Bundeswehr operations within Germany, ensuring the rapid deployment of troops and the supply of allied armed forces. Host Nation Support as the central task for logistical and medical care.
  • Civil-military cooperation:
    Maximum civilian support is crucial. The Bundeswehr is dependent on civilian and commercial assistance. Coordination with police and civilian institutions for the protection and use of traffic routes and infrastructure.
  • Implementation and crisis management:
    Definition of procedures, processes and responsibilities in the event of a crisis; the aim is to be able to act quickly across departmental and national borders; support in civil crises such as natural disasters and pandemics.

(Publisher: Press and Information Center of the Territorial Command of the German Armed Forces)


These plans of the Bundeswehr harmonize well with the previously passed laws mentioned above. These laws are intended to create the basis for a European war campaign, as it is written in the document, the "Operational Plan Germany" of the German Bundeswehr: "The Bundeswehr is dependent on civilian and commercial assistance".

Don't be fooled by the fact that the operational plan is called "Germany" - as soon as things get going, the whole of Europe will go to war; and you will then also have to provide support and assistance - both privately and commercially. You will then have to provide this support, as you have become a transparent citizen who can be easily maneuvered by the state. The state won't care whether you provide your support for the military and the war economy voluntarily or by force.


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