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An analysis of Wyoming as a state for foreign LLC formation: Is it the best choice?

An analysis of Wyoming as a state for foreign LLC formation Is it the best choice


In the search for the optimal conditions for establishing a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the USA the question of the best state often arises. Wyoming is considered one of the leading options for non-domicile LLCs. In this article, we will do an in-depth analysis of the pros and cons of Wyoming as a location for foreign LLCs and discuss whether it is indeed the best state for this purpose.

Tax advantages

Wyoming offers no Income taxwhich is attractive for LLC owners. In addition, there are no corporate taxes, taxes on interests and dividends, inheritance taxes or taxes on assets.

Low annual fees

The annual fees for maintaining an LLC in Wyoming (Franchise fees) are only approx. $50, which makes Wyoming a very cost-effective option.

Legal protection

Wyoming provides a high degree of legal protection for LLC owners because they are not personally liable for debts or obligations of the company.


Many international companies, including well-known brands such as Google, Coca-Cola and Amazon, have registered subsidiaries as LLCs in Wyoming to take advantage of the tax benefits and legal protection.

Comparison with other states

Other states such as Delaware or Nevada offer LLC-friendly benefits, such as the Delaware General Corporation Law (DGCL) or protection from personal liability. It is important to carefully weigh up the benefits of each state to find the best option for individual business needs.

Anonymity and data protection

A frequently cited advantage of Wyoming is the high level of discretion and anonymity that the state offers. Entrepreneurs are required to disclose significantly less personal information during the start-up process than in many other states. This can be attractive to some foreign investors.

In Wyoming, certain business structures, such as Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), can provide relative anonymity. This is because Wyoming does not require disclosure of beneficial owners for LLCs. Instead of disclosing the actual owners, Wyoming businesses can appoint a so-called "registered agent" who is listed in the state's records as the contact person for the company.

Possible disadvantages

However, it should also be noted that Wyoming may not offer the same legal certainty as Delaware, which is known for its experience in corporate law. In addition, the anonymity in Wyoming could make it more difficult to prove corporate identity, which could be problematic in some business areas.

Comparison table

Comparison table: Start-up prices, running costs and ancillary services in tax-free US states (prices in USD)

Cost comparison in (USD) Chart

Here are the standard fees that normally apply. Special cases and additional services are not listed


Although Wyoming is one of the most attractive options for foreign LLC formation, each entrepreneur must carefully consider their specific needs and requirements to find the ideal solution for their company. It is advisable to seek advice from a professional to thoroughly understand the tax, legal and privacy aspects and make the right decision. Locations such as Delaware or Nevada can also be considered, depending on the individual company goals.

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